Arianna Opper, D.O., founder of the

American Academy of Mind-Body Healing™

Arianna is a Mind-Body coach who assists those struggling with pain, anxiety, autoimmune disease and other chronic conditions, guiding them along the path of healing. From a young age, Arianna has held a profound interest in the way the human body functions, becomes diseased and heals. Just before beginning medical school, she lost her mother to cancer. While caring for and battling alongside her mother, Arianna had developed several chronic medical conditions herself and began to worry that she had been destined for a life of pain and illness. After healing herself through implementing mind-body principles and tools, she has dedicated herself to empowering others to do the same. After receiving her medical degree, she consciously chose not to practice medicine, as she felt called to continue sharing Mind-Body healing with AAMBH clients and students around the world here online. She founded the American Academy of Mind-Body Healing™, an online academy that offers free self-study programs designed to empower others to realize their own innate healing power through the Mind-Body connection.

The mind and body are intimately connected and function harmoniously. Many of us haven’t been taught to consider the mind-body connection or think of our healing in terms of it. Many of us recognize that stress isn’t good for our bodies and that our emotions play into the way we feel physically. We may recognize that we’re more likely to come down with a cold when we’re stressed or overworked, or that our pain worsens when we’re sad and anxious. These examples illustrate the mind-body connection. When it comes to healing our minds and our physical bodies, the mind-body connection becomes vitally important to consider, in fact, I refer to it as the “foundation of healing.” What I mean by this is that essentially, no matter what combination of healing modalities may be chosen and utilized, without an awareness of and respect for the mind-body connection, healing will be much more difficult than it needs to be.

I founded the American Academy of Mind-Body Healing to assist you in fostering your own Mind-Body connection and to support you in connecting to the natural source of healing within you. We all have the ability to do this.

American Academy of Mind-Body Healing

principles of Mind-Body Healing:

  1. The Mind and Body are intimately connected. Living harmoniously means holding an awareness that the mind and body are one. Our thoughts affect our physical bodies and vice versa.
  2. We all have the innate capacity to heal. A multitude of mechanisms exist within us to heal and repair damaged cells and tissues of our bodies and to heal the deepest wounds within our mind.
  3. Emotions must be acknowledged. We must allow ourselves to feel our emotions fully. Repressing, ignoring, or denying our emotions does not allow us to heal and to live vibrantly.
  4. Healing cannot be forced. We can’t use our minds to power over our bodies in a “mind over matter” scenario, without paying respect to what the body truly requires and is trying to convey to us. Likewise, we must also have patience with the mind, pay respect to and become aware of the thought patterns we abide by and the beliefs we hold.
  5. Symptoms, illnesses, and struggles are sacred messengers. It’s important not to blame ourselves for our illnesses or our struggles. We do not cause all of our illness and our suffering, but in one way or another, there is a reason we are experiencing the struggles that we experience. These are placed in our path to bring our awareness to certain aspects of ourselves and to encourage us to learn and to grow.
  6. All healing is self-healing. Others may play a role in facilitating our healing, but ultimately the healing comes from within us. Healing isn’t something that happens “to” us, it’s something we allow to happen within ourselves, and it’s something we’re all capable of.
  7. Healing is a lifelong process. Even when our physical symptoms have subsided and we’ve been deemed “cured”, there is still healing to be done. Healing is a beautiful lifelong experience and journey. Whether we call it self-care, self-awareness or love, all experiences throughout life are intertwined with our healing. Healing is not linear. There’s always something to be healed, no matter how well or how ill we may feel.

Although my focus has been primarily physical health, my clients, students and I now see that this healing is so much more expansive. We’ve learned that Mind-Body Healing invites health into all aspects of our lives: our relationships, our career, our financial situations, our bodies, and our minds. Ultimately it allows us to become more attuned to our true essence and to feel more fully, vibrantly alive. I’d love for you to experience this journey for yourself.

I look forward to connecting with you!