The Mind-Body Reset:
Self-Healing Intensive Personal Coaching Program

Full support one-on-one online coaching program

with access to Home-Study Online Audio & Video Course Materials


Sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown to have an undeniable breakthrough.

If you’ve been fatigued, depleted, anxious and struggling to navigate life with a chronic illness, all while trying harder and harder to figure out how to heal, it’s time for your breakthrough.

You’ve consulted a multitude of health professionals and unfortunately you still don’t have the answers. You know SO much about your illness, the treatment options and optimal nutrition, but somehow none of it has been the miracle you’ve been hoping for.

Here’s the thing you may not have been told...

Your body has an inherent wisdom and a multitude of mechanisms in place to heal and repair itself.

So what's really been holding you back from healing?

Many of us are aware of the fact that we hold an inner genetic blueprint in the form of DNA. Many of us don’t realize that we also hold an inner mindset blueprint.

This mindset blueprint predetermines our entire reality, even (especially!) the current state of our physical body.

Science has recently shown that our thoughts and emotions have the ability to influence our genetic expression, i.e. turn on and turn off the genes that contribute to and cause illness, inflammation and pain.

Until we learn how to access and re-pattern this mindset blueprint, no matter how hard we work or how many medications, supplements, and dietary restrictions we may try, we’ll be wired to live within the same pattern of pain, illness, fatigue and lack.

It’s time to reveal your body’s own healing wisdom.

It’s time to re-pattern your mindset.

And allow me to clarify: this is not just about “thinking positively” or “mind over matter”. No, my friend. In fact, the way many of us have been taught to go about these things is inherently flawed too, so those “strategies” just simply don’t work.

You are your own healer. You do not need anyone else to heal you (nope, not even me). I believe all healing is self-healing. Other people and other modalities may facilitate, but ultimately the healing is all you, my friend. It’s not a burden, it’s a gift.

It’s your own coolest superpower. And don’t forget, it’s nothing you have to learn, it’s inherent to you.

If this resonates with you, you are being called to heal, to heal yourself with no miracle diet, product, supplements or gimmicks. The miracle is within you. Are you ready to release the struggle?

This program is designed to help you to shift into your true essence and healing more deeply than you ever thought possible. It would truly be my honor to connect with and support you through this profound shift.

I can’t wait to witness your transformation!


This 30-day program includes...

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    4 Coaching sessions via Skype, one per week. These are one-on-one personal mind-body coaching sessions with me, Arianna :-) This is not a group program, it's all about YOU!
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    Full support via email during the 30 days (the 30-day period will begin the day of our first coaching session)
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    A personalized guided meridian tapping meditation recording on the topic of your choice, created exclusively for you!

as well as...

instant, lifetime access to...

Freedom at Your Fingertips: The Art of Meridian Tapping Self-Paced Home-Study Online Course ($297 value)

This course includes:

Module 1: Meridian Tapping Basics & EFT Meridian Tapping

Total Duration: 50m

EFT Meridian Tapping has been shown to assist us in re-patterning our body's response to emotional triggers.

In this module, you'll learn the basics of Meridian tapping. Here, we focus specifically on EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique Meridian Tapping, a system that utilizes tapping over nine acupressure points and has proven to assist a large number of people with a wide variety of emotions and situations. You'll learn some of the science behind meridian tapping, how to do EFT, and some troubleshooting tips to enhance your meridian tapping exercises.

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    Course Introduction Audio (2:52)
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    The Science Behind Meridian Tapping Audio (10:19)
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    The EFT Meridian Tapping Method Audio (10:54)
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    Visualization & Embodiment Audio (7:48)
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    EFT Points Training Video (11:40)
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    Troubleshooting Tips Audio (5:08)
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    Diagram outlining the EFT points for quick reference

Module 2: Personalizing Meridian Tapping to Fit Your Needs

Total Duration: 38m

While EFT Meridian Tapping is a wonderful tool, there are ways to deepen and personalize your experience of meridian tapping.

In this module, we go deeper, learning additional Acupressure Points based on the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine.You'll learn how to integrate these points into your meridian tapping exercises and you'll learn an even quicker, simpler form of meridian tapping that I call "Mini Meridian Tapping", perfect for getting in a quick, discrete meridian tapping exercise anytime, anywhere.

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    Intro to Meridian Tapping "Bonus Points" Video (5:01)
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    Points for Self-Doubt Video (7:04)
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    Points for Anxiety & Worry Video (6:44)
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    Points for Anger Video (13:25)
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    Points for Sadness & Despair Video (5:18)
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    4 diagrams outlining the additional points

We save the best for last...8 Downloadable BONUS Audio Tracks!

Total Duration: 1h 53m

  • 8 Exclusive Meridian Tapping Meditation Audios (mp3 format)
  • for you to tap along with! Here's what's included:
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    ​​​​Releasing Stress, Anxiety & Worry  (9:29)
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    Releasing the Need for Approval from Others  (12:51)
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    From Despair to Peace  (9:28)
  • check
    The Power of Saying "No"  (18:54)
  • check
    Releasing Fatigue & Depletion  (12:17)
  • check
    Releasing Pain  (12:22)
  • check
    I Am Enough  (9:28)
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    Relaxing Meditation Music for Silent & Personal Meridian Tapping (28:22)           


the Self-Healing Restorative Guided Meditation Bundle

5 Downloadable Audio Guided Meditation Tracks

Total Duration: 1h 27m

  • 5 Exclusive Guided Meditation Audios (mp3 format)
  • Here's what's included:
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    Calming Anxiety & Worry  (18:55)
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    Cellular Rejuvenation Guided Meditation  (9:01)
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    Mindfulness Meditation (12:02)
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    Restful Sleep Meditation  (18:44)
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    Relaxing Meditation Music for Silent & Personal Meridian Tapping (28:22)           

What People are Saying...


"This was a game-changer and I really couldn't believe how simple Arianna made it. She is wise beyond her years and I have to say that part of me was skeptical at first, but she quickly dissolved my doubts. Arianna tells it like it is. She's an optimist but doesn't sugar-coat anything. We need more thought leaders like her."

-Michael S., Victoria, BC

"After working with Arianna, I've found a new version of myself. My energy levels and my pain have improved so much. It's amazing to see that this is more powerful than medication; I just wish I would've found her sooner! Arianna is highly intelligent and intuitively gifted, yet still so humble. I feel really blessed to have found her online. You won't regret working with her."

-Helen C., Corvallis, OR


"I know it sounds cliche to say that the Meridian Tapping course changed my life, but when something is true, it's just true. Before the course, I hadn't realized how intensely my need for approval and acceptance was affecting all aspects of my life, including health, career, and relationships. Now, with the awareness I have gained by trusting Arianna's creation, I feel more empowered to be more authentic and my growing authenticity has begun to bring to me the life I've always felt could be true but never fully believed to be true. Thank you Arianna!!!" 

-Christina Shawdy S., Miami, FL


"Arianna's knowledge of mind-body-healing modalities is extensive and apparent in her work. She gives her clients thoughtful guidance and support, while providing specific practices to enable self healing. I've recommended her to several other people and look forward to working with her again in the future."

-Sarah P., Torrington, CT

About Your Instructor: Arianna Opper, D.O. is a Mind-Body coach who assists those struggling with pain, anxiety, autoimmune disease and other chronic conditions, guiding them along the path of healing. From a young age, Arianna has held a profound interest in the way the human body functions, becomes diseased and heals. Just before beginning medical school, she lost her mother to cancer. While caring for and battling alongside her mother, Arianna had developed several chronic medical conditions herself and began to worry that she'd been destined for a life of pain and illness. After healing herself through implementing mind-body principles and tools, she has dedicated herself to empowering others to do the same. After graduating medical school, she consciously chose not to practice medicine, as she felt called to continue sharing Mind-Body healing with AAMBH clients and students around the world. She founded the American Academy of Mind-Body Healing™, an online academy that offers self-study programs designed to empower others to realize their own innate healing power through the Mind-Body connection.

One-time investment: $997 (USD)

This one-time investment of $997 gives you:

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    Four 60-minute one-on-one coaching sessions (don't worry, I'm not one to "cut you off" exactly at the 60-minute mark; I'm here for YOU!)
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    Full email support from me (Arianna!) for 30 days. Ask any questions, confide in me with any difficulties you may be experiencing. I'm here for you fully. (and I promise to always respond within 24 hrs or less)
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    A personalized guided meridian tapping meditation recording on the topic of your choice, created exclusively for you!
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    Lifetime access to Freedom at Your Fingertips:  The Art of Meridian Tapping AAMBH online self-study course with unlimited replays. You'll also have access to any updates and additions that we add in the future.
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    Lifetime access to 8 Meridian Tapping Guided Meditation Audio Tracks (Exclusive Bonuses with the Meridian Tapping course) with unlimited replays
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    Lifetime access to the AAMBH Restorative Self-Healing Meditation Bundle with unlimited replays

One-time investment of $997 (USD) for the Mind-Body Reset Program from the

American Academy of Mind-Body Healing™ 


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One-time investment of $997 (USD)

for the Mind-Body Reset Program from the

American Academy of Mind-Body Healing™ 

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